IPTV Service

Q – Can I have a free test before purchase?

 A – You can have a free test except MYIPTV and Best HD.

Q – How can I buy online?

 A – You can pay in your Cart and note your machine type or mac number to activate.

Q – How can I pay the money out of the store?

 A – We can make an invoice link to you,you can pay by Credit Card directly .

Q – How can I get the account?

 A – We can send the subscription account once you payment made within 24 hours.

Q – Which channels do you have?

 A – You can view our Channel List Page.

Q – Can I change the type of my receiver?

 A – No changes of receivers are accepted.

Q – Do you provide refunds?

 A – No refunds are provided,the subscription was activated that can’t change.

Q – Can you reactivate my subscription if it was misused?

 A – No reactivation will be made if we see that you broke our rules.

Q – When will my subscription be blocked and deleted?

 A – If you misuse the subscription, use VPN, Proxy, use it on 2 receivers or on a server then we will delete it and there will be no refund.


Q – How long of the test URL?

 A –The Free IPTV Test will be active for 3 hours from the moment you activate it on your receiver and each channel you can watch for a maximum 3 minutes total.

Q – Can I use more than one receiver for my subscription?

 A – Only one receiver can operate at the time.

Q – Can I change the type of my receiver?

 A – No changes of receivers are accepted.

Q – Can you reactivate my subscription if it was misused?

 A – No reactivation will be made if we see that you broke our rules.

Q – Can I watch anywhere?

 A – You can only watch your subscription in the country that it has been activated in. It will block and stop working in a different country.

Q – When will my subscription be blocked and deleted?

 A – If you misuse the subscription, use VPN, Proxy, use it on 2 receivers or on a server then we will delete it and there will be no refund.

iview HD

Q – How to open the adult XXX channels in iview HD?

 A – Setting-Fill in “1827”- Show XXX- Fill in “1827” again, then can watch.

Q – Why it shows login failed?

 A – Please login again,you will see the channels.

Best HD

Q – Can I have a free test before purchase?

 A –Sorry,Best HD have no free test now,you can buy online directly,90% channels are fine.

Q – How to make Best HD working on Android?

 A –Setting – Best HD IPTV – Input Username and Password – Back to home page and Update.

Best HD-setting

Best HD iptv

Best HD -input

Best HD -update


Q – How can I activate once payment made?

 A – You can download MYIPTV app and install on your Android box,open it and send the screen mac number to activate.

Q – Can I change the subscription to a new box?

 A – Only 6 months and 12 months subscription could be changed,you can send the old MYIPTV mac number with days and new mac number to us.

Q – How can I update the app?

 A – Uninstall first:Go to the main menu click “setting” – Apps – MYIPTV app – Uninstall.
Download the new version from our website and install on your Android box,you can watch and the subscription can’t change.


How to become reseller for MYIPTV?
1. Reseller Price:
1 month: $5.5
3 months: $29
6 months: $39
12 months: $59
2. Advanced Deposit for Reseller: $300
Pay link as below:https://store.apkintvbox.com/product/advanced-deposit-for-myiptv-reseller/
3. You could get the reseller price once payment made, you can send us the Mac number to activate one by one.
4. The rest of the money:
Such as: activate 1 month: $5.5, $300-$5.5=$294.5
Next time: activate 12 months: $59, $294.5-$59=$235.5
Next time: activate 6 months: $39, $235.5-$39=$196.5
5. Once $300 use up, you pay online again. Then circulation operation mode!

How to renew the subscription

1.Buy online:https://store.apkintvbox.com/product-category/account-subscription/

2.Send the photos in front and behind your box

3.Follow the step to renew the account:https://www.apkintvbox.com/how-to-input-the-account-to-subscription/

Or you can get the iks file to update directly(it’s more trouble)


How to check the HDC9999 box used days of subscription?
1. Now press ” exit” on the remote controller 3 times continuous, and press ” Menu” in time, then press” 2367″ quickly. (Don’t stop, just follow the step to do) (Remote Contrlloer must be on the box)
2. Then logout, you would see ICAM account remianing days: 0349 is 349 days.

Note:Only HDC9999 show days,or others that you must send the number behind your box to check.

Step 1 :
Settings—System settings—Severs—Portals—type
into Portal 1 URL—then click Reboot portal—then click Reboot device—After Reboot device you will enjoy it.

Step 2 :
Contact us and provide the Mac address on the back of your mag 25X.

Step 3 :
When you see the channel list is empty,please press button “1” ,then press button “ok” on your remote control.

Step 1 :
Download apk:https://www.apkintvbox.com/download/best-hd-apk-download/

Step 2 :
Install on your Android box and open it,you can contact us to get test code.

Step 3 :
Best HD-setting

Step 4 :
Input the Username and Password
Best HD iptv
Best HD -input

Step 5 :
Best HD -update

You will have a good test.

Note:Test code doesn’t include Adult channels, please inform whether you need Adult channels when subscribe one year.

For Reseller:
1.Tell us what product & package and quantity you need. Get Latest Quotation.
2.We will contact you once payment made.

For End User Customer:
1.Tell us which product or package you need.
2.You can pay online by credit card directly from our store, we would contact you once payment made.

IPTV APK Subscription Price

NameChannels1 month3 months6 months12 months
iview HDEPL,UK,Germany,Itali,Greece,Arabic,Netherlands,IndiaUSD24.9USD45USD78USD108
PopTVArabic,Turkish,Europe,English,French,German, Polska, Spanish,Italy,Russia,VOD×××USD58
Best IPTVGreek,Italian,UK,German,French,Portugal,Turkish,Albania,Seychelles,India,USA,AR,Netherland,Nauru,Netherlands,Ex YU,Bulgaria,Poland,Romania,Russia,Iran,India,SpanishUSD25USD45USD75USD125
Best HDBein ports,Extra Sports,French,UK & Sky UK,DE & Sky DE,Sky italy,OSN,African,India & Pakistan,Adult selectable×××USD88

Note: One Android machine can use MYIPTV one month trail only one time, after one month, need to renew: 3 months, 6 months, 12 months.

MYIPTV Question7: Please tell us details if all of the above information can’t solver the problems.
1. The channel number, channel name, or provide pictures.
2. If MYIPTV can’t watch, and keep loading, pls tell us when loading? Where loading? Loading by only one channels or the whole channels? Ect.

MYPTV Question6: It won’t be watch after MYIPTV address changed, how to solve?
1. Pls take note with your MAC address in the first time, or label it on the box.
2. If the box of Mac number change, how to get it back?
Please check your Mac is with Ethernet or WIFI connected.
—–WIFI MAC, setting-wifi—open—on—advanced—-MAC
—–Ethernet MAC, setting—Ethernet—MAC

Note: Please factory setting before get the MAC, if your previous ID is ethernet MAC, please connect to Ethernet, don’t open WIFI, and install MYIPTV, then you will get the previous MAC.
If your previous ID is WIFI MAC, please connect to WIFI, don’t open Ethernet, and install MYIPTV, then you will get the WIFI MAC.

We support to change the MAC number only one time, if your box get problems, Pls send us your previous MAC ID.

MYPTV Question5: Parts of channels can’t watch smoothly and lag sometimes, how to solve?
1.We are not guarantee MYIPTV compatible with all machines 100%, suggest to use our company’s android TV box.
2. Some Amlogic machine, such as M8, part station will lag, please use your machine for decoding to play ——— MYIPTV-setting-player set-MX player, enter a live broadcast, press remote OK button, the upper right corner will appear decoding “H / W Decoder” S / W Decoder.
3. The processing speed of android TV box will slow after using some days, Solution: Go to box setting-apps, into each APP software, clear cache and data.

MYPTV Question4: Parts of channels keep loading and then show: coming soon, how to solve?
1. If it’s not the problem causing by the server, only 1-2 people get this problems,please check the internet and reboot or routes, or LAN connection, WIFI may be some instability.

MYPTV Question3: Login several times to enter
1. To ensure the network above 4mbps.
Please use this link to test network speed on your computer.
2. Restart the machine and routing, try to enter MYIPTV once the network working well. When your family was downloading large files, it will affect the speed of the network.

MYPTV Question2: After entering MYIPTV, show: checking member, and can’t enter into the interface: contact admin
1. Restart the machine with the router.
2. Connect to wifi, if you can not resolve, download the old version apk. https://myiptv.weebly.com/uploads/3/7/8/8/37888255/myiptv140707.apk

MYPTV Question1: MYIPTV show Authentication Failed?

1. Check the network is connected. Just start box and click MYIPTV, the network may not connect well, please login again.
2. Turn on and off player and router.

Please feel free to contact usservice@apkintvbox.com

Link to our BlogYoutubeFecebook and other social publish advertisement to achieve your problem solved.

We offer a 1 year warranty for all products .

Clearance delay means that your package has been opened and inspected by customs and there will be a VAT bill heading your way. You may have to provide them with proof of purchase .

It usually takes 5-7 days, far-off areas might be longer .

All Exports from China into the EU are charged VAT. We do our best to declare the package less than USD$50 and mark it as gift or multi-media player sample .

We dispatch the goods from Shenzhen of China .

We accept Payment Via Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Moneygram.
Note:After the payment, plese tell us your first name, last name, amount, currency, country and MTCN if you transfer by Bank Transfer, Western Union,
Moneygram .

You will have to send it back to us in China for repairing. You will be repsonsible for the delivery cost to China, we will pay for the return .

When you pay for orders, no need to share any of your confidential financial details with us.