Product Description

1. You can add the amount “1” to your order’s amount,
eg: If you are going to pay USD59, you can add the “1” up to “59”.

2. You can select the deposit amount to pay,eg: USD300,USD600.

3. Since the limited payment amount from our website is USD600 per time, if your order is more than USD600, please try to pay two or more times.
For example,you want to pay USD1100, 2 orders: USD600+USD500,or USD550+USD550
For example,you want to pay USD1700, 3 orders: USD600+USD600+USD500
For example,you want to pay USD2300,4 orders: USD600+USD600+USD600+USD500
For example,you want pay USD3000, 5 orders: USD600+USD600+USD600+USD600+USD600