Order Invocie
USD 1 (Add)
1. Add the amount to the order money
2. Note the wish list in the order
3. We will send the order list to your email
Advanced Deposit
USD 300
1. Advanced payment USD300 to be a reseller
2. We will save your reseller info and send the Reseller Number via email
3. You can get the reseller price with all the prducts in our store

Reseller IPTV Price List

How to become reseller ?
One way:

Make 5 pieces wish product order directly with reseller price.You can get the codes to be a reseller.
For example,you take 5 one year codes iview HD , $80*5=$400
You can get 5 codes iview HD , and you are a reseller now.

Second way:

Pay $300 deposit, then you are a reseller.
How to use $300 ?
QHDTV reseller price: $38 for example, other iptv reseller price, pls check here.
For example, you take 1 code QHDTV, 300-38=$262 Balance
Next time, take 3 codes QHDTV, 262-3*38=$148 Balance
Next time, take 2 codes QHDTV, 148–2*38=$72 Balance
Cycle like this.
Once $300 use up, pay again $300.

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